Anne Austin Pearce


Since childhood, Anne Austin Pearce has used her experiences as her guide to understand herself and the world around her.
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Yasutoshi Yoshida

Burn Your Belongings

Yasutoshi Yoshida is a visual artist and musician in Tokyo, Japan. He operates his own record label ‘Xerxes’ and is a member of Barom One, Mecha-dote-chin & Monster DVD.
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Christa Donner

A Map of Everything

Christa Donner launched her first solo exhibition at the Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art in 1999 as the first recipient of the Wendy L. Moore Emerging Artist Award.
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Christopher Arabadjis

Devouring the Green

Christopher Arabadjis’ work has been exhibited in New York City, Iowa City, and the greater metropolitan areas of Boston and San Francisco.
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Grace Roselli

Is The Room

Grace Roselli is an artist based in New York City who produces multi-disciplinary work based in performance and focusing on photography and painting.
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Guy Benjamin Brookshire

The End of The World

Guy Benjamin Brookshire makes original collage art created with precision blades and glue using figures from books.
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Mary Ann Strandell

Unsuitable Princess

Mary Ann Strandell is an artist working in New York City. She has exhibited in national and international venues.
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Michael Cadieux

The Color Of Being Born

Today, the majority of Cadieux’s paintings express his anger and heartbreak at the senseless despoliation of the land.
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Nick Patterson

Family Romance

Nick Patterson is a visual artist whose love of twisting minds and turning heads has lead him to explore …
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Rochelle Ritchie


Rochelle Ritchie‘s love of photography was reignited by the humble, medium-format, plastic Holga.
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Scott Zieher

The Pornographers

Scott Zieher is co-owner of the Chelsea contemporary art gallery ZieherSmith, established in 2003, with his wife Andrea.
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Carla Gannis


Carla Gannis has exhibited in solo and group art exhibitions nationally and internationally.
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Susan White


Susan White‘s art has been supported by grants from the Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City, the Salina Art Center, The Lighton International Artist Exchange Program …
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