Guy Benjamin Brookshire

The End of The World

Original Collage Art created with precision blades and glue using figures from books. These images have been digitized for web publication, but no photo editing software has been otherwise applied.

From the artist

“The process and the restrictions I put on myself are nonnegotiable: no digital manipulation, no Photoshopping, no reproducing images on a Xerox or laser printer. I get one chance or I get another book. I often have to make choices between which side of a page I can use because making a cut will ruin the image on the reverse. Or I have to find another copy of that book. All the images you see have been cut out of a book by an Exacto knife and glued together. Period. The only digital processing they get is that the final product is scanned in to be shared online or sent to a printer. If you see an image that recurs, it is because I found that image in another book, or I found two copies of the same book. The rules are the rules and I obey. I decided to set the laws in stone a long time ago because I think it is these strictures — which I consider a kind of code holding me to rigorous honesty demanding I show respect for my materials — that are responsible for any success. Any success is a success of the process. I may have these megalomaniacal philosophical ambitions (or pretensions), but the images reign me in, the images constrain me and keep me honest, humiliate me. I don’t get whatever I want, I get to do whatever I want with what I have. I usually fail. But I feel like the chance of victory is worth it. So, I am working very rigorously to get at something I see in my imagination, and failing, but I go down fighting.”

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