My Story Series: Carly Israel-Agin with Ruchi Koval

Hosted by the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage


Join Carly Israel-Agin for an interview with Ruchi Koval, the co-founder and director of the Jewish Family Experience. They will be discussing Carly’s memoir, Seconds and Inches, womanhood, vulnerability, Judaism, and much more.

Their discussion, which will doubtlessly be illuminating, will be followed by a Q&A, so start picking your brain now for all the questions you might have! (But no pressure, you can absolutely just listen in too!) 


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Past Events

Jaded Ibis Press invites you to Come as You Are: A virtual discussion, moderated by Elizabeth Earley, between Carly Israel and Ilana Masad, on Sept 8 at 7 pm (EDT). Family history, writing, and everything in between is up for discussion as each author delves into the publication of their debut book!

Second and Inches


A child of alcoholics and grandchild of Holocaust survivors, Carly Israel struggles to conceal her addictions and self-hatred—a path that can only end in death or sobriety. She embarks on a journey to healing but faces a new set of challenges when her youngest child develops life-threatening medical issues.

Carly Israel, founder of the podcast Northstar Big Book, has written about parenting, divorce, and recovery for the Huffington Post and other venues. She mentors others in recovery and is committed to looking for the gift or lesson in every experience. Seconds and Inches is her first book.

All My Mother’s Lovers: (Dutton, an imprint of Penguin Random House, 2020)

Despite her parents’ example of domestic bliss, twenty-seven year old Maggie Krause has found serious relationships elusive, until, perhaps, meeting her girlfriend Lucia. When Maggie’s mom Iris dies suddenly in a car crash, she returns home to her upended life, a devastated father and brother. While there, she comes across her mother’s will and five sealed envelopes, each addressed to a mysterious man.

In an effort to discover the truth about the mother she never fully understood and who never wholly accepted her sexuality, Maggie embarks on a road trip to hand deliver the letters, only to encounter Iris’s second, secret life, and the woman she thought she knew shattered.

Ilana Masad is a queer Israeli-American writer, essayist, and book critic whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, the Paris Review, NPR, BuzzFeed, Catapult, StoryQuarterly, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, as well as several others. She is the founder and host of The Other Stories podcast and a doctoral student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where she also serves as the Assistant Nonfiction Editor for Prairie Schooner. All My Mother’s Lovers is her debut novel.”

Jaded Ibis Press invites you to Against the Grain: A virtual author event on September 26 at 4 pm (PDT). Join Donna Miscolta and Soniah Kamal, hosted by Lily Hoang, in a discussion on inspiration and crafting strong female characters, among other topics.

Donna Miscolta

Living Color: Angie Rubio Stories: (Forthcoming from Jaded Ibis Press 2020)

Soniah Kamal

Unmarriageable: Pride and Prejudice in Pakistan: (Ballantine Books 2019)