Scott Zieher

The Pornographers

Scott Zieher is co-owner of the Chelsea contemporary art gallery ZieherSmith, established in 2003, with his wife Andrea. In 2004 he won the Emergency Press contest for his book-length poem, VIRGA. His second book-length poem, IMPATIENCE, was published by Emergency Press in 2009; and in February 2010, powerHouse Books published BAND OF BIKERS, a collection of found photographs from 1972. Emergency Press will publish Zieherโ€™s third book-length poem, GENTRY, in 2011. Recent writing has appeared in The Believer, Jubilat, KNOCK, and The Iowa Review.

From the artist

โ€œPart taxonomy and all impulse, my actual practice in making a collage is preoccupied with the search and subsequent reconfiguration.โ€

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