Yasutoshi Yoshida

Burn Your Belongings

Yasutoshi Yoshida is a visual artist and musician in Tokyo, Japan. He operates his own record label ‘Xerxes’ and is a member of Barom One, Mecha-dote-chin & Monster DVD. Government Alpha is the name of his harsh noise project. He is a member of Barom One, Mecha-dote-chin & Monster DVD. He has produced over 12 albums, including 1969/1999 (1999), Sporadic Spectra (1999), Aerial Patrol EP (2002), Strange Days (2003), Prospective Massacre (2005), Strange Days 2 (2005), Ignis Fatuus (2005), Venomous Cumulus Cloud (2007), and Subtle Drugs (2010 Neon Blossom Records). His artwork has been shown internationally, and his music collaborations include Saturday Night Groove Sessions with Jazzkammer (2002), Radiation Snowfall with Bastard Noise (2003), Planet of Fluctuation with MSBR (2003), and Das Methadonprogramm with Azoikum (2005).

From the artist

“I have never been to an art school, I just started to make artwork for my own releases as I needed it for the covers and had no friends who could do this. that’s how I started doing it all myself and finding my own way.

I got a lot of influences from Art-brut, especially from Adolf Wölfli. I’m also highly influenced by many album covers of Nurse With Wound, and I would love to have such good covers for my releases.”

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