Christa Donner

A Map of Everything

Christa Donner launched her first solo exhibition at the Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art in 1999 as the first recipient of the Wendy L. Moore Emerging Artist Award. She has since been actively exhibiting, publishing, teaching and curating, using large-scale drawings and small-press publications to explore issues around the human body and other biological forms. Her process often incorporates public projects and collaborations around personal narratives of bodily experience. Christa’s work has been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Colombia, Cyprus, Sweden, Finland, and the United States.

From the artist

“Earley’s A Map of Everything, like all great fiction, strikes a chord of truth. The book provides a landscape where the reader can see both the fragility and endurance inherent in the human condition. Having the book act as a catalyst for my own art has been a truly unique experience. I’m incredibly grateful to be contributing my voice to this cross-genre artistic endeavor.”

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