Susan White

Susan White‘s art has been supported by grants from the Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City, the Salina Art Center, The Lighton International Artist Exchange Program, The Avenue of the Arts Foundation, and the Creative Capital Foundation Professional Development Workshop. It is found in the collections of the Nerman Museum, the Sprint Corporation, Hallmark Cards, Inc., Shook, Hardy & Bacon, the Stowers Institute, H&R Block Corporation, and many other corporate and private collections. Writings about Susan’s work have been published in papers, The Kansas City Star, Review, The Reader, and The Salina Journal, along with various other print and online venues.

From the artist

“I work with honey locust thorns to create large-scale wall pieces, suggestive of three-dimensional drawings. I think of them as responses to the environment, whether the fractious political environment of the 2012 elections or an abstract landscape.”

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