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S.O.S/Eso Es

Statement from the artist on the piece: Queer, feminine, chicanx, womxn, are all categories that are supposed to be my identity but are unstable and their meanings change as I move across time and space. I use make-up to explore identity in its ephemerality and precarious nature. While make-up for me, is a self-care ritual

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This is a Test

Section I – Diversion/ Focus This section’s instructions are listed below, but the questions will be dispersed throughout the Test in any section. The instructions to these particular questions will only be posted this once. The questions may or may not be in order.         I. Excluded Term In exercises 1 through

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An Origin Story

    i lay / awake / wrapped in layers of clothes / and blankets / and fear / the night hums / hisses / i hold vigil for my innocence / a constant attendance / attention / to detail / the way the light shifts / under the door / the fact that there

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A Battery of Tests

      “Compensation” shows itself as a consistent, gendered thread in my life story. Compensating for my other family member’s disappointments to make my mom smile. Compensating for the body I knew I wouldn’t stretch into. Compensating for disadvantage as a way of life. The skill saved me from the stigma of having an

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A Story in Parts

    A story in parts   A list of things I thought of and had to restrain myself from doing before my grandmother’s funeral Pack shorts and sneakers and a hoodie and my my BLACKLIVESMATTER bracelet and a book into a survival pack because she said ​It’s 2017, come as you are​ and I

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from Descent

    What does genre mean to you and how does it build/unbuild your work?         Lauren Russell is the author of What’s Hanging on the Hush (Ahsahta, 2017). She was the 2014-2015 Jay C. and Ruth Halls Poetry Fellow at the Wisconsin Institute for Creative Writing, the 2016 VIDA Fellow to

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