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“LILY HOANG IS A DARING WRITER.” –William Walsh, Kenyon Review

Award-winning author Lily Hoang invited some of the top innovative writers in the U.S. to submit unfinished stories that she then completed over the course of one summer. Although Hoang attempted to follow each respective writer’s style, the stories are distinctly her own, resulting in a mesmerizing and highly entertaining collection. Unfinished stories were donated by Kate Bernheimer, Blake Butler, Beth Couture, Debra Di Blasi, Justin Dobbs, Trevor Dodge, Zach Dodson, Brian Evenson, Scott Garson, Carol Guess, Elizabeth Hildreth, John Madera, Ryan Manning, Michael Martone, Kelcey Parker, Ted Pelton, Kathleen Rooney, Davis Schneiderman, Michael Stewart, and J.A. Tyler.