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The Color of Being Born: Art + Writing

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The Color of Being Born contains watercolor paintings and mixed media art by Montana artist Michael Cadieux. Of particular relevance are the artist's controversial Nova Totem paintings that depict an injured planet and emphasize the urgent need for environmental preservation and restoration. The book also contains prose and poetry by prominent writers, artists, scientists, and activists, such as NASA scientist and Battlestar Galactica advisor, Dr. Kevin Grazier; Hugo award-winning artist and writer Ursula Vernon; acclaimed sculptor and architect Martin Huberman; and noted journalist and Vanity Fair editor Alex Shoumatoff; and 11 others generous contributors.

A portion of our proceeds from the sale of The Color of Being Born will go toward the National Resources Defense Fund. The book also includes a Giving Index that lists charities chosen by the contributors. The Giving Index enables us to raise funds and awareness for many other worthy environmental charities, alongside the National Resources Defense Fund.