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INK. is the third book of Davis Schneiderman's DEAD/BOOKS trilogy, after BLANK (2011) and [SIC] (2013) Th(ink) of it: A book that you read by looking at. A book that you hold and never read. A book that looks back at you looking. A book that is the electronic publishing future. A book for the dark days ahead. INK. is all dark, a smear of solid ink over every surface of the book. The fine-art edition of INK. uses ink sourced from Schneiderman’s blood —inquire at dschneid [at] lakeforest [dot]edu. Further, Schneiderman will also put his library at risk. Any person who buys INK. may choose a book from his library, which Schneiderman must then destroy. He will send evidence of the remains to the purchaser. Write to: dschneid [at] lakeforest [dot] edu for details.

About the DEAD/BOOKS Trilogy

DEAD/BOOKS is a trilogy of conceptual works by Davis Schneiderman from Jaded Ibis Productions and its imprint Jaded Ibis Press: BLANK (2011), [SIC] (2013) and INK. (2015).

BOOK 1: BLANK is a 200+ page book whose text offers only 20 enigmatic chapter titles like, “A Character Broods” and “They Encounter An Animal,” with audio remixes by Dj Spooky and pyrographic art by pyrographic artist Susan White.

BOOK 2: [SIC] includes public domain works under Schneiderman’s name, including everything from the prologue to The Canterbury Tales to Wikipedia pages to genetic codes. The fine-art edition of [SIC] contains a pathogen that readers may deploy onto the text, to become sick— sick about copyright. [SIC] contains images from visual artist Andi Olsen, and an introduction from Oulipian Daniel Levin Becker.

Is this the end? Probably.

Davis Schneiderman turns 41 on Dec 27, 2015. He’s been writing for years. He has a loyal but small readership who says nice things about his work in reviews. He’s happily married, for 16 years, with two daughters. He cuts books for fun. Schneiderman long ago began asking the key question: why write? Finally, after years of publishing books like the largely blank, BLANK, and the plagiarized [SIC], he’s come to understand that the question can be formulated only through ink itself.

It’s all been great. But why bother?