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Protection from Erasure by Sami Miranda

This poetry collection was released on January 09, 2023. Order your copy here!

“These [are] poems for those who resist with word and deed, with art and ancestral blood, poems that condemn, create communion and celebrate our common beauty.”
Tony Medina, Author of Death, With Occasional Smiling and I Am Alfonso Jones

“[Miranda] assembles a cast of characters who bring community to life, in both its joy and heartbreak. These poems are as original as their maker and they’ll hold you in their rhythms.”
Naomi Ayala, Author of Wild Animals on the Moon and This Side of Early



In this poetry collection, Samuel Miranda aims to capture and celebrate a life lived and lives encountered. Through observations and conversations, we’re reminded that mundane events and minute moments in our everyday lives can and should be memorialized.

Part portraiture, part social commentary, and part memory, Protection from Erasure is meticulously crafted with arresting dialogue, sincere lines, and raw reflections that knit together and hover upon the edge of a shared remembrance.

More praises

“A stunning collection that urges his readers to be wedded to spirit and honor the self portrait. Miranda’s poems are concise lyrics that turn tight while simultaneously gliding throughout history with each step.”
Dimitri Reyes, Author of Every Fifth & Fifteenth

“[Miranda’s] poems speak to the life lessons that are perhaps the most important – the ones that we get from our own folk if we are curious enough to listen. The lesson: while we may have grown up poor, we are rich in the matters of love, respect, honor, and dignity.”
Quique Aviles, Artist and author of The Immigrant Museum

“[This poem collection] speak to our inability to hear the tremors of revolution contrasted with the poet’s skill in decoding America’s phantoms. By the time you finish this book, you will feel the ocean under your feet even if you’re walking down a city street, and you will be unable to say “I didn’t see” in the face of what you remember.”
Willie Perdomo, Author of The Crazy Bunch

“Miranda achieves such tender and intimate registers, and yet his sensibility is expansive, a conduit for many witnesses and fellow artists, our many musics (mariachi, bomba, plena, raga), our many traditions.”
Patrick Rosal, Author of The Last Thing, winner of the Williams Carlos Williams Award

“In Protection from Erasure, Sami Miranda creates a gallery of poetry as a bustling city of inspiration and dreams…[It] protects us and invite us to land in the city and make it our home.”
Juan J. Morales, Author of The Handyman’s Guide to End Times