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“Schneiderman’s novel [exists] in historical and interdisciplinary context, to show that his book enters into an ongoing conversation…. Perhaps the novel is not the most important aspect of the work; maybe the conversations, questions, reactions engendered by the object of the novel are more important.”
– Christopher Higgs

“What is Experimental Literature,” for HTMLGiant Davis Schneiderman’s 200-page novel, Blank, contains only 20 compelling chapter titles and pyrographic (burned paper) drawings by artist Susan White. The story’s meaning is, as it has always been, up to the reader. When you buy this book, Jaded Ibis Press donates half of our proceeds to the Vanuatu Pacifica Foundation and Tanna Center for The Arts, a project founded by renowned experimental musician Paul D Miller aka DJ Spooky. The artists retreat will function as a closed-loop demonstration model, incorporating a digital media lab and island-restorative education center to aid the goals expressed by the people of this tropical paradise.

“Help fortify global understanding of one another and the changes we face together.”
– Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky