Rosetta Ballew-Jennings

Is the room

Rosetta J. Ballew-Jennings is most at ease amidst the moxie of old houses and cemeteries. She is fond of home concoctions and remedies, half-begun projects, and made-for-television movies. Her MFA is from Texas State University, and she currently lives in historic Saint Joseph, Missouri. This is her debut poetry collection.

Ballew-Jennings is the author of Is The Room.

About the book

“These rich, spare poems are here to remind us that we are mistaken, thinking so rarely of transformations, and when we do, in thinking mostly of the ends of them. Is the room places us in contact with transformation as action, where with this book’s speaker, we come alive to domestic and sentient processes rife with illusion, breakings up and down, passing, being passed, hiddenness, exposure, signs, the failure of signs, waiting, glimpses, dismantling, joy. Rosetta Ballew-Jennings shares Jean Valentine’s love of silences (deep listening is there), but these poems are completely her own, and with this stunning debut collection, ours.

—Kathleen Peirce, poet, The Ardors and The Oval Hour


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