Pedram Navab


Dr. Pedram Navab is a neurologist and sleep medicine specialist who currently resides in Los Angeles. He also holds a graduate degree in English/Modern Culture & Media and a J.D., having been educated at Stanford and Brown. Without Anesthesia is his debut novel.

Dr. Pedram Navab is the author of Without Anesthesia.

About the book


“Without Anesthesia is an original, sobering, and haunting visceral contemplation of love, anguish, morbidity, obsession, knowing and unknowability, the seen and the felt. The intense desire for intimacy and commune on the part of characters and readers evokes riveting anticipation and obsessive page-turning anxiety.”

— Mariam Beevi Lam, author of Precariat Reckoning: Viet Nam, Post-Trauma, and Strategic Affect




Dr. Pedram Navab

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