Patricia Catto


Patricia Catto was born in Auburn, New York, of Italian immigrants. She is the author of Wife of GeronimoÕs Virile Old Age: Poems, and many stories, articles and essays. For 20 years, Patricia taught literature at Kansas City Art Institute, Her courses in Folk Literature of the World continue to be her signature and reveal a deep interest in the archetypal manifestations and soul motifs of our species. In 2001 Patricia began a series of dance-lectures entitled ÒVeil as Sacred Space,Ó and has presented this workshop around the country. She lives in Bisbee, Arizona with her dogs, Habeebah, Ugoberto, Vito and Rhett Butler.

Catto is the author of Aunt Pig of Puglia.

About the book

“Lyrical and funny and wise, Catto’s one-of-a-kind family memoir is a stunning valentine to story telling.” –Catherine Browder, author of Secret Lives”An intimate, rather than private look at family life, Patricia Catto applies an impeccable ear and a Coppola-like eye to paint a wonderfully exquisite, moving memoir of the Italian-American experience. Grazie!”

–Joey Nicoletti, author of Cannoli Gangster