Mugi Takei

Dirty Paintings

Mugi Takei was born in New York and moved to Japan when her parents decided to return to their homeland. She studied painting at Massachusetts College of Art, and received her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. In 2001, she traveled to Brussels, Belgium to study French, Russian history and philosophy. Two years later she moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to live with her mother, and organize an independent film festival in support of young Japanese filmmakers and to develop cultural exchange. She served as teaching artist at the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience in Seattle, where her art is represented by Cullom Gallery.

Mugi Takei is the artist for the anthology, Dirty : Dirty.

From the book

“When all is ending, you find yourself sending text messages to a 19 year old in California that read ‘I need you to come in my mouth’ and ‘I want us to fuck each other to sleep.’ He will write back with ‘Yes.’ And ‘We will,’ will call you ‘lover’ and ‘ghost.’ While there is not much more to be said, you will continue to say it. Your mouth spills words like salt. When all is ending, you are wet for days. It is summer. Your body and your cunt drip and don’t stop. You are overflowing. You compare the boy to a river, and he doesn’t thank you. Instead, he talks about incest, says he will make you call him ‘brother.’ You don’t know how to pronounce his real name, so you never say it.”
– Beth Couture, from her dirty writing titled, “Ghosts”