Leslie Taylor Grover

Leslie T. Grover is a Black History writer and community scholar-activist. She is the founder of a small nonprofit, Assisi House, Inc., which uses the power of story to build the capacity of vulnerable communities. Her work in Narrative Medicine, social justice, and Black History have inspired this book. A native of Charleston, Mississippi, she is an unapologetic Black Southern woman, and this extends itself into her writing. Leslie’s work, which focuses on Black women characters, seeks to reveal the past in a way that honors art, the Black writing tradition, and her own deeply rural voice.


When her daughter goes missing in the antebellum South, Perpetua, an enslaved Black woman refuses to give up hope that she will find her, despite being stonewalled, and even punished, by those who can help find her.

In sharp, magnetic prose and poetry, Leslie T. Grover explores what it means to be a mother and what it means to be human in a world that will treat you as less.

“The Benefits of Eating White Folks is a viscerally rich work that intensifies with the turn of each page. Leslie T. Grover deftly blends poetry, art, and prose to illustrate the full scope of horrors and hard truths faced by Black communities from slavery to the present day. This book hits and never misses–an instant classic that’s so engrossing, it’s impossible to put down.”
Lyndsey Ellis, author of Bone Broth

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