Justin Petropoulos


Justin Petropoulos is the author of the poetry collection, Eminent Domain, selected by Anne Waldman for the 2010 Marsh Hawk Press Poetry Prize. His poems have appeared in American Letters & Commentary, Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, Columbia Poetry Review, Crab Creek Review, Gulf Coast, Mandorla, Portland Review, and most recently in Spinning Jenny. Petropoulos holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Indiana University. He co-curated “Triptych Readings” from 2010 to 2011 and was a guest blogger for Bryant Park’s summer poetry reading series, “Word for Word”. Currently Petropoulos is the site director of an after-school program for elementary age children and an adjunct faculty member at New Jersey City University.

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[pullquote_left] “The goal of the project is to explore the ways people communicate, document, and map moments from the past or in the present, and the relationships that are created in and by the various media used to those ends. We locate everything we experience, in the present or as memory, in a place, and those experiences, because they are subject to the whims of subjectivity, are personal, and so too a kind of myth.” [/pullquote_left]



Justin Petropoulos


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