“I Am You”, “Chimes of a Bell”, “She Walked Away” & “An Undying Suffering”

I Am You

Here, for a transitory period, existence questioned sometimes,

I make you seen, an invisible pain killing me.

A carrier of a shapeless me,

silence, a soothing darkness, I weep hard.

Guarded against what the heart experiences,

lifted you up somehow, I am exhausted.

Ran for miles, dodged the devils of grief,

brought home some love, canโ€™t do it anymore.

Eyes hard to open, the world will never know,

saw you alive, a mesmerizing beauty.

Smoked the bonfire, lighted you up,

I am hurt, strength weakening.

A carrier – – – – – – weep hard!

Chimes of a Bell

Frozen lights, church bells calling me,

cold breaths savoring the glass window.

Heart fluttering as I take a step,

air filled with ecstasy, eyes moist with love.

Smiling all the way long, night sky warmed the soul,

saw you first, yearn for a glimpse on my last.

Eroded strands lying beneath the snow, I faded hard,

a mere thought brought the life back.

Four miles away, a mile closer,

the pain eradicated, all I could see was you.

The door was still opened, frost on the bell, never been so beautiful,

tears kissed the mumbling lips.

Heart – – – – – with love!

She Walked Away

Face seemed pale in the starlight, annoyed by a kiss of wind,

holding on to the damp grass, dead words overflowed from her eyes.

Flashbacks hit the fragile heart hard, a smile that I know the meaning of,

she needed someone to look back at, something to cherish.

The silent cries of broken trust encircled the jolly air,

cuts on her neck dissolved with the clingy flesh of hopelessness.

My eyes shut completely, felt nothing, just the vibrations of an unloved soul,

her hands pulling out the petals of colour until it merges with the night.

Humming a song, one that she hasnโ€™t heard of, uneasiness creeping in,

she searched her palms meticulously to find a glimpse of love.

Head down with resignation to fate,

I waited as she walked away.

Flashbacks – – – – – to cherish!

An Undying Suffering

The deathly howls of jackals, ears bleeding profusely,

perpetual restlessness drained the life in me.

Cracked lips devoured the taste of lamentation,

only your breath was music to my soul.

Flames of sweet memories escaped from the mind,

bruises of the evil deeds tattooed all the way around my neck.

Lashes on eyes falling, that once enjoyed the view of beautiful you,

the name calmed me for a second.

The veranda chirped of the lovable conversations,

body seething with indignation, heart reluctant to beat again.

Jackals went back to sleep,

I struggled at the thought of you.

Cracked lips – – – – – my soul!

Priya Chouhan completed her graduation in Economics Honours from St. Xavier’s College in India and is currently preparing for her Master’s degree. For Priya, poetry has been a tool to write on neglected matters, aiding her to weave the unspoken. An inexplicable contentment fills her heart when words finally reveal their beautiful meanings. Priya’s poems have been published in Corvus review, the Black moon, Dreich, Brief Wilderness, Literary Yard, Littoral magazine, the Wise owl, Bosphorus review of books, Malaysian Indie fiction, and more. Priya writes from Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.