Fan Art Contest for Unwieldy Creatures by Addie Tsai

Super exciting announcement: We are hosting our first-ever fanart contest with Addie Tsai! The theme of this contest is Illustrate This Scene! ย 

All participants are welcome, and you are free to use any medium that you like! There will be not one, but 3 winners! ๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ…They will be featured on our platforms and winners will receive a signed copy of the book from Addie.

Deadline: November 20, 2022.

1. Follow Addie & Jaded Ibis Press on Instagram.
2. Any medium is totally welcome
3. Contestants may submit only ONE entry
4. You must illustrate both characters

(1) signed copy of UNWIELDY CREATURES by Addie Tsai

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Read the excerpt:

Hana looked ravishing. Her red hair shone in a way it hadnโ€™t before. She wore an ankle-length, blue pleated skirt, a green satin button-down blouse, and soft pink ballet flats made to look like pointe shoes with a box toe and thick straps across the front. Her lips were painted a sparkling mauve, and her jade drop earrings shone against the rapidly dissolving daylight. As usual, she took my breath away, but it was deeply reassuring to see her react to my transformation. Impulsively, Hana took one hand and rubbed it against the back of my neck. I sighed audibly as Hana beamed at me, a smile Iโ€™d never seen before, as though she were seeing me for the first time.

I picked Hana up in our family car the day of the play, wearing a deep purple waistcoat, a pink ruffled blouse with a high neck, and forest-green menโ€™s trousers I had my fatherโ€™s tailor alter for my shape. I went to the barber shop on the way. It was a Thursday night, a day I knew the one woman barber worked, and I asked her to give me a menโ€™s cut with a tight fade. I canโ€™t articulate how it felt to come into my own body, my own style, my own calalai. She knew that I was about to head to my first date, and so she sprinkled talcum powder against my neck and as she brushed it against my skin, I sighed with pleasure at my new self. And with my motherโ€™s blessing. I only hoped Hana would approve.

I guess we both were.