We are a feminist press committed to publishing socially engaged literature with an emphasis on the voices of people of color, people with disabilities, and other historically silenced and culturally marginalized voices.


Naima Yael Tokunow is the editor of the Black Voices Prose Series.

Black literature creates a world for black readers in which we are centered and heard and seen. This is a gift that we give to ourselves and each other–it is a healing balm to see yourself in so many sharp pages. I know that Black prose writers and their books are what made me believe that I could write, that my stories, and poems and essays were worthy of telling, and that, in turn my imagination held something precious. I do not know who or how I would be without Black work, and I know that’s true for many of us.

The characters in our books may live in worlds that looks like our own. They may feel safe and scared and enraged and full of bone-hot love as we do. They may live in worlds that are more free than our own, worlds that may be wholly unfamiliar to us. Slipping through time or galaxies or a space that is softer-edged. There’s a lot of room here–to build worlds and become the benevolent gods of our own stories, whatever that looks like.

I am honored to be able to create, with Jaded Ibis Press, a space for Black stories to be told–we will be publishing one Black-authored novel a year in a series that I hope goes on forever. I thank you in advance for trusting Jaded Ibis with your work, and look forward to exploring your worlds.

Please send manuscripts to naima@jadedibispress.com. Include any questions that you may have about our press, the process, and/or compensation–we want our community to feel more informed about the publishing process, even if your ms doesn’t end up with us.


Jasmin Roberts is the editor of the Black Voices Poetry Series.

There is not enough Black representation in American poetry. The prevailing culture has dictated that poetry must look, feel, sound, smell, and taste like a certain thing in order to be inducted into the canon, published, and distributed. I am ecstatic over this opportunity to work toward shifting that reality. Not only do I believe that we need more published brown poets, but I also love disrupting stale and arbitrary structures that stifle crucial cultural metamorphosis. The unique experience of Blackness in America presents a wealth of creativity to draw from, and has the ability to transport American poetry into an unfathomably limitless future.

True art reaches for the unimaginable, be that internally or externally. I want to be a part of something strange, something afrofuturistic and mind-bending. I want to pick up a book of Black poetry that makes me feel at home in my awkwardness, and makes many other people uncomfortable. Please break all of the molds. Throw out everything you think you know. Let’s create something else; something unconnected. And then let’s do it again next year, and the next! Thank you, Jaded Ibis Press, for funding this spectacular series! Please send submissions to jasmin@jadedibispress.com.


Myriam Gurba is the editor of the Latinx Voices Series.

Many of us treat literature as a mirror. In it, we may seek a reflection of our bodies, our lived experiences, our culture, our history, and perhaps most importantly, our prophecies, visions, and imaginings. People belonging to Latinx communities often find that the national literature of the United States invisiblizes us. Worse yet, we discover that when we are reflected, the literary mirror is cracked, thus reflecting a distorted version of who we are.

Latinx literature is a mirror made by us and for us. It attests to our intense heterogeneity. Diaspora from all Latin American regions, from island to mainland, from inland to shore, are its creators and while most gringxs associate Spanish with Latinx literature, Latinx literature exists in countless languages.

Through Jaded Ibis Press, I will be publishing one Latinx-authored book a year. It has long been a dream of mine to bring work authored by the most marginalized among us to the public and I thank Jaded Ibis Press for granting that wish.

Please send manuscripts along with any questions you have about Jaded Ibis Press, the publishing process, or other related concerns to myriam@jadedibispress.com. I look forward to reading your work.