As of January 1, 2016, Jaded Ibis Press is under new leadership. We are taking the press in a new direction.


We are a feminist press committed to publishing socially engaged literature with an emphasis on the voices of people of color, people with disabilities, and other historically silenced and culturally marginalized voices.


We are retaining the visionary business model established by Debra, who founded Jaded Ibis Press in 2008. It is as follows:

Networking is more than a publicity strategy.

Our innovative business model arose from an understanding of Systems Theory and a confidence in its organizational efficacy. A system is a set of social, biological, technological or material parts cooperating as a whole toward a common purpose.

Systems Theory developed from biology, where it is difficult to understand the functions of, for example, the sexual reproduction of flowers separate from the functions of insects. The newest scientific research (Scientific American) confirms that quantum entanglement does not exist only at the micro level. The universe is one great web built of interconnected webs built of interconnected threads that, when tugged or snipped, shift the whole design. Thus, for every cause, there is an effect — even if those effects take years or decades or centuries or millennia to manifest.

Just as ignoring interconnections may cause environmental and organizational destruction (think climate change and banking crises), utilizing them can create tremendous benefits to the individual parts and, thereby, the whole. By linking literary, visual, and musical arts — and the newest technological platforms — we can expand audiences for all participants: Readers and listeners learn a bit more about music; musicians and readers learn a bit more about visual art; and listeners and musicians learn a bit more about literature and its marvelous possibilities.

Because artists and musicians are urged to respond to the writing rather than illustrate it, the reader-viewer-listener who explores all aspects of a project receives multiple perspectives on a single theme — a theme that may mutate into larger themes as a result of the aesthetic collision.

Culture and humanity, as a whole, also benefit by the evolution and generation of ideas. Book publishing, large and small, has become a tenuous web, unable to remain economically or culturally feasible without full cooperation of everyone involved. The amount of funds, time and talent expended to bring out just one book is tremendous; thus, threads that do not contribute to the whole must be snipped so as to not impede the success of the system’s parts.