We are a feminist press committed to publishing socially engaged literature with an emphasis on the voices of people of color, people with disabilities, and other historically silenced and culturally marginalized voices.



We are looking for writing with no holds barred: visceral, subtle, loud, honest, confounding prose that tackles a personal or universal truth and that makes us see the world around us more clearly or from a different perspective. Whether the manuscript deals with themes related to social justice, persecution, feminism, or reveals something about what it’s like to struggle through this world, with all the related losses and triumphs and unanswered questions that entails, we want to read it! Our past publications explore these themes with an additional focus on intersectionality.

We are open to nonfiction and fiction submissions, short stories, and long-form prose. Above all, we are interested in superb writing that allows readers to question their place in the world and the nature of humanity at large. We can’t wait to read your work!


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