Brian Bradford

Greetings from Gravipause

A recipient of the Henfield Transatlantic Review Award for Fiction, Brian Bradford has published work in numerous small press publications including: New Blood and Black Ice (FC2). He has studied fiction at the University of Colorado and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Bradford teaches at Warren County Community College, where he is a full professor and co-director of the Creative Writing Program. When not teaching or writing, you will find him in his laboratory working diligently to create environmentally friendly foot deodorants for our astronauts and Olympic Athletes. Bradford’s first novella, Greetings From Gravipause will be released by Jaded Ibis Press in the spring of 2015. He currently resides in New Jersey with his wife Sadako, daughter Erin, two Cavapoo, and an empty birdcage.

Bradford is the author of Greetings from Gravipause

About Greetings From Gravipause

Greetings from Gravipause is so good on so many levels, it is hard to believe it is a first book. Brian Bradford exhibits a precision and a playfulness with language that strike a rare, gratifying balance between wise guy and repenter. Moments throughout this novella tickle and punch at once, and the book itself is part exorcism, part exultation. Welcome to this new church where the guilty can find a good drink and where laughter is an absolution. For those of us who’ve desired the arrival of a fully-formed voice that’s funny, heartbreaking, and unorthodox at once, Brian Bradford is who we’ve been waiting for.”

—BJ Ward, Author of Jackleg Opera