Dr. Martin Nakell

Unnamed: The Emotions

Dr. Martin Nakell, the author of 12 books, both poetry, and fiction, has won the Gertrude Stein Award in poetry, a National Endowment grant, and a Fellowship in Poetry from the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, and several other grants and fellowships. He was a finalist for the Ronald Sukenick Award in Fiction, the Americas Award in Fiction, and the National Poetry Award. He was Co-Founder and Co-Director of Ischia Arts: The Program in Creative Writing is Vice-President of the Suzanne Goodman Center for Literature Art & Cuisine, and is a Co-Director of the Institute for the Harmony of Science & Poetics. He sits on the National Board of &NOW. He has worked on various journals and presses, including publishing the short-lived but sterling Jahbone Press. He has worked as a chef, a carpenter, and a paralegal. After studying under Robert Creeley at San Francisco State University, he earned a Doctor of Arts at SUNY Albany under William Dumbleton. He lives in Orange, California, where he teaches experimental writing at Chapman University.

Dr. Nakell is the author of  Unnamed: The Emotions.

About Unnamed: The Emotions

“Nakell has achieved something in Settlement that is nearly impossible and would likely be disastrous if undertaken by a less skilled writer to create a unique and ground-breaking work of literature celebrating every human’s primal urge to create something from nothing.”

– Angela Genusa, Mad Hatters Review

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