Janice Lee

Janice Lee is a genius.

Janice Lee is a writer, artist, editor, and curator. She is the author of KEROTAKIS (Dog Horn Press, 2010), a multidisciplinary exploration of cyborgs, brains, and the stakes of consciousness; Daughter (Jaded Ibis, 2011), Damnation (Penny-Ante Editions, 2013), a book-length meditation on the films of Béla Tarr, and Reconsolidation (Penny-Ante, 2015) She also has several chapbooks Red Trees, Fried Chicken Dinner (Parrot/Insert Press, September 2012), The Other Worlds (Eohippus Labs, June 2012), and The Transparent As Witness (Solar Luxuriance, 2013), a collaboration with Will Alexander. Janice currently lives in Los Angeles where she teaches at CalArts, is Assistant Editor at Fanzine, Executive Editor at Entropy, and Founder/CEO of POTG Design. She can be found online here.

Lee is the author of Daughter

From the artist

“Of course I love books. There’s a very particular reading experience associated with the book, which I’ve of course grown up with and adore. But I’m also really interested in new technologies, and how we might be able to interact with narrative forms in different ways. I teach a class, for example, where we reconsider literature not in terms of form or medium, but in terms of the interface. How our relationship and system of interaction with the book, or computer, or tablet, or whatever, dictates the process of narrativization, and how these relationships can offer up new possibilities for narrative in general.”

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