Grayson Del Faro

Mutilations on a Theme

Grayson Del Faro lives and writes in Reykjavík, Iceland. Mutilations on a Theme exemplifies the idiosyncratic ways fiction and nonfiction can manifest, and how some of the most intrepid writing arises at the college level. Semi-finalists were college students at the time their work was selected by editorial assistant, Leon Baham. Doug Rice selected the competition winner and finalists. Featuring the winning submission, “The Boy. The Box,” by Kylee Cook. Finalists: Theresa O’ Donnell, Melanie Page, Daniel Roche, David Tarleton, Isaac Weil, and Matthew Weinkam. With additional art by Madeline Waits. Book editor: Grayson Del Faro.

Grayson is the editor of the anthology: Mutilations on a Theme

From the author

“I moved to Iceland to be a poet.

At least I think I did. What I’ve become is something more like a journalist, a travel writer, a dance critic, a local music fanboy, blogger, hitch-hiker, conservation volunteer, layout designer, Icelandic student, socialite, babysitter, couchsurfer, burger-eater, immigration expert, coffee-needer, consistent drunkard, unabashed slut, and most importantly in the end, some kind of friend-making machine. I will want to be poet though. I’ve written some weird, bad prose poems and worked on some essays in tiny bits. But mostly I’ve been distracted by other good things. Reykjavík has not been as good for my writing as I thought it would be, but it’s certainly been good a lot of other parts of me. Parts I didn’t know needed good and parts I did. And parts that still need it. There are parts that need poems too.

I moved to Iceland to fall in love.”


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