Samuel “Sami” Miranda

Samuel Miranda grew up in the South Bronx and resides in Washington, DC. He is a visual artist, poet and teacher who uses his craft to highlight the value of everyday people and places. His work is heavily influenced by Puerto Rican culture and family history, as well as his interactions with his students, people he encounters in his travels, and DC locals. Much of his work is figurative and explores how the body and face illustrate the successes, hardships and beliefs that people carry with them. He is the author of Departure, a chapbook published by Central Square Press, and We Is, published by Zozobra Publishing. He is currently working on collaborative projects with musicians and visual artists about the deep connections they are able to make through their artwork. Samuel’s artwork has been exhibited internationally in Puerto Rico and Madrid, as well as, in New York and Washington DC. Most recently, Samuel’s artwork has been included in the Smithsonian’s new Molina Family Latino Gallery inaugural exhibition ¡Presente! His artwork has been included in university and private collections. 

Part portraiture, part social commentary, part memory, Protection from Erasure, is a reflection of life lived and life encountered. Spanning as far back as 1997, this collection of poetry celebrates the life and memories of the poet and those he encountered and affirms that the memories of everyday life that we carry are worth not only remembering but worth sharing.

Coming soon on December 15, 2022.

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