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Photo credits: Masauko Chipembere

Natasha Gordon-Chipembere, PhD is a professor of African Diasporic literature. She focused her first book on Sarah Baartman in Representation and Black womanhood: The Legacy of Sarah Baartman (Palgrave 2011). Gordon-Chipembere’s writing has also been published in Essence Magazine along with a monthly series, “Musings from An Afro-Costa Rican” in the Tico Times. She is a Senior Co-editor with Dr. Eduardo Paulino of the AfroLatin@ Diasporas Book Series from Palgrave, where they prioritize the voices of emerging Afro-Latin@ scholars. Her current writing focuses on slavery and the legacy of Afro-descendants in Latin America. Her historical fiction novel, Finding La Negrita will be published by Jaded Ibis Press in Fall 2022. Gordon-Chipembere is the founder and host of the annual Tengo Sed Writing Retreats in Costa Rica, an exclusive gathering of global BIPOC writers in Costa Rica for a week. Gordon-Chipembere was born in New York to Costa Rican/Panamanian parents and moved to Costa Rica seven years ago with her husband, and two children.

Finding La Negrita is a captivating retelling of the Black Madonna narrative, which has driven Costa Rica’s national and spiritual identity since the 1700s. Following the story of Dakari, a famed African sculptor who must buy his freedom once he is stolen into slavery, and his daughter, Jendayi, Finding La Negrita spans time and space as it captures their grapples with love and legacy, secrets and sacrifices, and the line between freedom and enslavement.

Coming soon on September 13, 2022.

Special thanks to Costa Rican muralist, Guadalupe Alvarez Rojas, who painted the cover art that appears at the Municipal Museum of Cartago in Costa Rica. Thanks also goes out to the Mayor of Cartago, Silvia Alvarado Maritnez, as well as the Municipal Museum of Cartago for allowing the press to reprint the artwork.

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