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Scarlet is a monthly series, focusing on multimodal/cross-genre work. Each installment includes both a creative piece and a statement from the author about how they have come to understand their own writing. We’re looking for pieces that blur the lines or engage with multiple mediums. The borders of what is and what isn’t cross-genre are fuzzy and amorphous and changing. You may engage with prose poems, lyric essays, multi-modal work (think collage & writing), or performative pieces (video & audio), or something new entirely. The only limits are defined by what we can produce.

Payment for essays selected for publication on Scarlet is $40.
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Manuscript Submissions

Jaded Ibis Press welcomes submissions from women, writers of color, writers with disabilities, queer writers, and other silenced or culturally marginalized or disenfranchised writers. At this time, we publish prose books only. Manuscripts can be fiction or nonfiction. Manuscripts must be extremely well written, compelling, and contain ideas that contribute to the progress of social justice.

We offer authors royalties of 40% net profit of book sales. Standard royalties are generally 10% to 15%. We’re proud to offer the highest royalty rate (that we know of) in independent publishing.

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