What the Body Requires

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“What the Body Requires” is to the mind what chocolate is to the tongue – rich and decadent.”
—Carolyn Szczepanski

“Some moments involve hi stakes situations and a bit of mystery, though I’d never call What the Body Requires a genre novel. This book is highly sexual, but never cliched. Di Blasi just kills it.”
—The Next Best Book Blog

“Highly ambitious and of the deepest seriousness… with an evocative prose and an exotic, vividly imagined landscape. The consistency with which the writing invests everyday actions and objects with an almost erotic fervor is truly extraordinary.”

–R.M. Berry, author of Leonardo’s Horse, Dictionary of Modern Anguish, and Frank

Product Description

What the Body Requires
a symphonic novel
by Debra Di Blasi


Madeline Rivera goes to Europe to kill her husband, a musician, but falls in love with his doppleganger, an Italian policeman. Structured as a symphony, What the Body Requires explores a woman’s sexuality and passion for art as she slides into the madness of revenge. Structured around an elaborate symphony, the novel is rife with music references, musicians and the intentionally overt drama of opera.